by War Pigs

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released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


War Pigs Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: White Sheets
reflections of the demons that haunt my dusty mind have nestled in for good, resting until warmth no use reaching out for help
you can barely save yourself. clouded and distorted visions of a humans cry has broken down my body weak. yanking at the seams. a soul trapped in a crowded room with no space left to speak. lonely leads the way my way to the grave. the sheet that covers me is the only sheet i breathe. dont whisper or they'll hear your secrets. dont speak for it will be your final words.this feeling that i've held inside keeps itching at my skin.just waiting for my day to come. i know im not the only one the truth ill never see another setting sun.
Track Name: Tunnel Vision
as the haze fades away im searching to find. the reason i live to help pass the time. will someone wake me from this dream, the dream thats been cutting down my self esteem. floating on a cloud a thousand miles high, keep on digging holes to only come up dry. as i swim through the void to face my own fears counting on my fingers the remaining years. lifes too short to be clinging to something that just doesnt exist. grip me by the throat and tell me the one who pulls at our strings. controlling me the tunnel vision. vision spirals, facing denial. listen to the voices from all directions. it always feels like someones watching me..
Track Name: Degeneration
all of my life ive been told what to do, told what to say, told what to feel. being treated like a nothing when im told im something. something always stopping me to tell me im wrong when i wasted my life always playing it cool. safe from all the trouble just considered a fool, but i cant lose sleep from the trouble i slept through. face to face this is what i want to do. grab him by throat so the dealer squeals. you got to make him pay show him how it feels, because ive given up on the meaning of life when everything i live for can be sacrificed. when the days get shorter i am worrying why my depression clashes with my worrying mind laying on my deathbed singing songs of sorrow, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. am i dead or alive just gripping dirt
or the kiss of death just begging to flirt but the jury keeps screaming "i'll be fine." ill just reach up into the sky
Track Name: Breathing Fire
feeding the fire with all your sorrow. feeding the fire with your no tomorrows. feeding the fire with your petty bullshit. feeding the fire like you know you can't quit. go on living this way or deal with pain staring god into his burning eyes pictures of my demise. rip through the scene with intent to take every worthless life that stands in my way. for all of the shit you put me through. i'm not thinking twice just watch what i'll do. i'll burn down your village and pillage the women. let it burn. burn it down.
Track Name: Power In The Darkness
welcome to a place where no one is safe. where the real men cry and the rich eat shit. money in your pocket like a gun in your palm. feeding me bullshit just to tell me im wrong. you preach about devotion, but wheres the emotion, telling me to grow up when it comes from a kid. and when the lights go out i have no place to call my home
follow my mind to wherever i may roam. sooner or later you're gonna stand up tall. sooner or later when your backs to the wall. sooner or later be the man that you are and you just might find that you took it too far well the beast will set you free of being the man you always wanted to be. leave me alone with the starving wolves. leave me alone because i have power in the darkness.
Track Name: Cerberus
can't love myself enough to bare, every single second why should i care. broken down beaten up why even try. looking for that glimmer of light up in sky. as i swing from the rope i know i can't cope. when i take the reapers hand through the unknown land. he turns out the light and whispers "welcome to night." nothing's pinning me down because i'm trapped underground. feared the reaper. he gave me a chance it wasn't so bad at my first glance. feeling cheap, feeling mean. something running through me that has control. i feel lost. i feel free. something that aches at me that nobody else has seen.
Track Name: 6th Chamber
dig your claws into my organs. stretch into my tendons. bury your anchors into my bones, for the power i am possessed. look above the gods and you will fall below the skeletons of the past. not to ask but give, not to want but just to send.